Struggling to make it in the entertainment business?

Attention Actors, Writers, Musicians, Directors!!!
Are you struggling to make it in the entertainment business?

The reason that you may not be as successful as you would like, is because you are looking outside yourself for someone who has the power to make, or break, your career instead of looking where the "True Power" exists... Within You!!!

Imagine that your life were a movie created by an Infinite Filmmaker, and like a Genie in a bottle, this filmmaker could grant you unlimited wishes

Now imagine that this was not your imagination but your reality... What would your life look like?

The 52 Spiritual Laws and Principles in this book, when practiced daily,  will allow you to connect with what I refer to as "God, The Infinite Filmmaker." Once you access this unlimited Power and Presence, there will be nothing to keep you from making it in the entertainment business.

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Warning: The concepts in this book may be challenging to understand because you have been conditioned into thinking in terms of lack and limitation. Only order it if you have an open mind and are willing to believe in a Higher Power!

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“You must maintain a close communion with your true center. Your creative power is not an act of will. It is, rather an act of your willingness to believe.” 
– Ernest Holmes

Rich Smith

A Filmmaker and Spiritual Life Coach Rich, has dedicated his life to learning about the nature of what he refers to as "Infinite Intelligence." During a very dark time, he asked the universe to reveal his purpose. He was given 52 Spiritual Principles that he used to turn his life around. He is now using these principles to teach others how to create joy, happiness and success in their life.
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